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Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle für die Arzneimittelindustrie e.V.

About the Transparency Code

Pharmaceuticals are highly sophisticated products requiring explanation. This applies to their development and their use. That is why pharma companies and physicians work closely to enable patients the best medical treatment. This means that physicians as researchers are directly involved in drug development or the pharma companies conduct further training events for physicians in order to provide in-depth information on their products. This is intended to ensure that patients receive the medication that is most suitable for their therapy. This collaboration has proven very useful and is already clearly defined for both sides through explicit rules, laws and codes of conduct.

Today the public wants to understand how many players are collaborating in the healthcare system. If the public doesn't understand this interaction, it becomes mistrustful, begins to speculate, sometimes about corruption, where there is none. The research-based pharmaceutical industry responded to this: Since 2004, the FSA Code of Conduct Healthcare Professionals has governed what is allowed and what is not in the collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and physicians.

In 2014, the research-based pharmaceutical industry went a step further. It is not sufficient anymore to only set the standards in the relationship between physicians and industry, they also want to make transparent the payments allowed according to the standards: Visibility is thus intended to accompany the standard of reasonable bounds.

Why do research-based pharmaceutical companies want to be so transparent in this regard?
Because they believe in the necessity of objective exchange of information between patients, physicians and industry. This core area that contributes to the success of modern therapies should be kept free from speculation. That is why we are letting the general public have a closer look!


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